How To Deal With Homework Stress: An Interesting Approach

Homework can take quite a toll on any student. Whether it is something you have done hundreds of times before, or it is something with which you are struggling, stress can start to build on you. And it does not matter if your homework assignment is a twenty page paper, or one problem left on your lab. The actual size or weight of your homework related stress does not matter as much as how long you carry that stress. The longer you carry it, the worse it gets. And for students who continue to hold the burden of their stress day after day, without any stress management and without putting down the burden to return refreshed the next day, will crumble under the pressure.

That is why stress management and proper homework skills are so important. They give you a way to balance your life and your academic demands. They give you a chance to put your burden down when you need a break, and return to it again the next day.

If you are struggling with your homework there are many things that can help you, for free too.

  1. Start a homework chart. A homework chart can list your name, the week, and then place what reading or homework you have each day of the week. You can keep track of the number of pages you have to read/write in total, and compare it to the number of pages you have already read/written as the days go by.

  2. If you have multiple classes, you can make a weekly box for each class. You can have a homework box for math, reading, science, social studies, and language arts. For each day you can list what tasks you have, and then check off the box when you finish them.

  3. Find a special time during the day that you can do your science homework regularly. Then do your homework at that same time each day.

  4. Make a special study space. Find a space that is quiet and do your science homework there regularly. Bring all of your supplies and books each time you set out to do homework, that way you are not constantly interrupted by the need to get up and go get something. Doing this will keep your mind focused on the tasks that you have laid out before you.

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