How to Find Good Chemistry Homework Help Online

Completing of chemistry problems and labs requires only significant knowledge of the subject, but also deep understanding of the specific topic. Because of the complexity of some areas students are constantly facing problems with completing their homework assignments. A lot of them tend to look for help among the numerous online services available nowadays.

There are different types of online homework help services. The choice of one will depend on the type of your assignment and what kind of help you need with. You may come across the following types of online help:

  • Ready published answers.
  • Online tutoring.
  • Online problem solving etc.

This guide will describe these types and differences between them.

Ready Answers

If your professor is fond of common notebooks that are used all over the country, you may be luck enough to find your problem already solved by another student, who was kind enough to publish it somewhere. You can try to look it up by the name and author of your textbook or the specific problem itself. Look on the Questions and Answers website to see if somebody posted a similar problem there – people tend to answer quickly and the answers can be kept on the website for a long time. Unlike other online homework help, access to ready answers is free, but you have to be ready to the fact that no one can guarantee the quality of the answers.

Online Tutoring

There is a possibility to hire a person, who will assist you in completing your homework either through Skype or online chat or through messaging system or your email. You shall not confuse the tutoring services with ones that will complete the assignments for you – a tutor will guide you through the topic you do not understand, explain the theory to you and will help you enrich your knowledge on the subject, making you capable of completing the necessary assignment yourself.

Online Problem Solving

This is the type of service where a person accepts your order and solves the problem or completes the lab for you. This is your best solution, if you are absolutely stuck, have no time to complete it or don't want to bother yourself with your homework.. This service, however, is quite costly and will neither help you understand the subject nor prepare you to tests and exams. So, the choice is all yours.


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