I Don't Want to Do My Homework: How to Deal with That

When you are having difficulty focusing on your homework you should start by setting a regular time wherein you do homework. Your brain works better if you have the same time period set aside each day to work on your homework. You should try and work each day for the same amount of time. Some days you may be overloaded with homework and have to work a bit longer but other times you may not have any work in which case you can use the homework period to study. Breaking down your larger homework tasks into smaller tasks can also be helpful. It can also ensure you make the best use of the time you have at your disposal.

For example: if you are working on memorizing French verbs and you are assigned ten verbs you can study two each day rather than trying to force yourself to study all ten in one day. When you are working during your normal study time try and set a timer. The brain works better when it can focus uninterrupted on your homework. Just trying to work for one hour without a timer will cause your mind to be constantly distracted searching for a clock or wondering what time it is. By setting a timer you free yourself from this and can focus all of your energy and thoughts on the work at hand.

When you do set out to work try and create a nice work space. If you do not have a work space where you regularly do your homework consider making one. Some students focus better in a library where it is quiet and there are no distractions like cell phones or siblings. Other students focus better when they are working at home in their room. No matter where you focus make sure it is free from distractions. Turn off any music or television. Remove any clutter.

Find a comfortable work space and a comfortable chair. As you are working during your set homework time your brain might try and distract you and pull you off guard. Make sure you stay focused for the set amount of time but if your brain continues to pull it might just be time for a break. It that is your brain’s natural way of telling you to move on to another project then do so.


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