Chemistry homework help for dummies: following expert's advice

Chemistry is an interesting subject only if you have a passion for it. Most of the students think chemistry is a dry subject because of the repetitive formulae, chemical structures, complicated equations, and time taking numerical. For all these students, there is a good advice to follow an expert and keep their suggestions in mind while attempting their chemistry homework

  1. Pay attention in the class
  2. Avoid sitting at the last benches during the lecture, try to sit somewhere at front and concentrate on the lecture being delivered. You need to have a clear view of the screen where the teacher is explaining something. Always have a good night sleep before your classes so that you can concentrate better in class.

  3. Involve in DIY chemistry projects
  4. A number of TV shows and online channels show fun techniques and DIY science projects for students. Try some of these experiments on your own to have some fun and learn some basics about the subject

  5. Work in small intervals
  6. The average concentration time for a normal person is thirty minutes, after that the brain starts getting less productive. This is why you should always work in small intervals. Get a break of five minutes, grab a smoke, get some coffee, walk in the terrace, do anything to divert your attention for a few minutes.

  7. Develop an interest in the subject
  8. You will never master any subject unless you have an interest in it. Start giving some reading to your chemistry notes and try to understand the logic behind them to develop an interest

  9. Consult the internet
  10. If you feel stuck somewhere and have no one to ask, you should simply “Google” it. The internet has answers to everything you have in mind. Spend some time in checking the validity of the source you are relying on. Not everything you find on the internet is true.

  11. Ask if you do not understand
  12. You should never hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand something. It is always okay to ask questions, they help you understand better. Even the teachers like those students who ask questions during the class. This shows that the student actually has some level of interest and is curious to know more. However, make sure the nature of these questions is not annoying and you are not putting them forward just to kill some time


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