Homework for Kindergarten: Kids Don't Need Much Pressure

Your kindergartener does not need homework. Period. Anybody who tells you that you should be making your little one spend time doing homework is wrong. Yes, it is nice to revise what has been taught at school. Yes, it is great to practice newly learnt skills. However, no, there is no need for pressure tactics like deadlines, shaming, and punishments. It is a small child we are talking about.

Children are curious creatures. They will enjoy having new experiences and learning new skills. Not all children are the same. Not all children have the same aptitudes, tendencies, and temperaments. The campaign to train all children of a certain age to the same degree in the same general direction is insane to say the least. There are harsher, more accurate words for it.

Your child should not be intimidated into doing school related work. Everything is a sort of play for children; let them have their childhood! Homework, if given to a kindergartner, should not even be considered a “task.” Your child will enjoy feeling the responsibility of doing important work. That is how children grow and develop. Making a child stressed about something that he or she is considering a privilege that is not fair.

The process of learning happens. The school maneuvers this process to mold the children into predetermined shapes. Children are not educated because they, you, or even the society needs it. They are educated to do the jobs that need to be done. So why should you pressurize you child to do homework? You should pressurize them so that they can become a more efficient and sharper tool for the machine!

Do not do it. That is the best advice. It may go against the grain of popular thinking. It may sound “counterintuitive” even. The most important part of going to school for a child should be the JOY of learning. The pleasure of meeting other children should take precedence over the fear of adult supervision. The spirit of cooperation should defeat the need for competition. Your child is a small human being who is conscientious, sensitive, yet a very quick imitator. All that he or she learns is from example. Abstract concepts have but very little to do with how children behave as adults. A child’s brain is the most impressionable thing; treat it with care and caution. It is the most precious part of your precious child.


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