Awesome Guides for Writing Your Homework Assignment Faster

Yes, you can write your homework faster! But, its going to involve a bit of organization first. The most important bit of information you need to know is that it is achievable and once you have invested a bit of time in YOU, the homework process will become more 'streamlined'.

  • Identify an area in the house that you work best. If working at home is difficult because of the noise and bustle of brothers and sisters, then you may consider working in the school library or your local library. Just make sure that you have a space in which you can work comfortably.
  • Identify the tools you need to do your homework. Do you need access to the Internet? A word processor? Pens, paper etc or do you need access to an area in which you can produce a piece of practical work (for Art or Technology)? Keep a box or bag with your 'tools' for quick access (it wastes time finding the basics every homework session).

Once you have identified your space and the tools you will need, you will be able to use them each time for your homework.


  1. Make sure you have read your homework brief as you soon as you have been given it. Sometimes teachers make mistakes and if there is a mistake in your brief or instructions then its too late to do anything about it once you are home. This also gives you a bit of thinking time as you are traveling home.
  2. During lessons make sure that the notes you take are legible so you can actually read them when you get home as you may need them to support the content of your homework. (note taking can be difficult when you are trying to listen to the teacher. Use brief points to remind you of the lesson content and expand on them later)
  3. Ready to start? Read the brief/instructions again to confirm exactly what you have to do. Take a moment to think what is needed. Now brainstorm your answer. Then highlight all the aspects you have identified that meet the remit of your homework.
  4. Give each of the highlighted areas a rating (important, very important and may possibly need). Now may a list of any other information you may need to complete the task – do you need data, graphs or tables?
  5. You are now ready to produce a draft. Once you have produced your draft get someone to proofread it for you. You are now ready to complete the task.
  6. Reward yourself for completing your homework in less time than it usually takes you.

Remember - Identify, Organize, Focus


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