How To Do Your Homework In 30 Minutes: General Instructions

It may seem like a revolutionary idea but you CAN get your homework done in 30 minutes. As you will see when you read on, preparation is the name of the game here:

  1. Preparation
  2. There are several things you need to do before you embark on your time trial of 30 minutes for your homework. You need to be prepared.

    • Set up your Study table
    • You need to find a quiet corner of your house. The ideal place is your own room because that can afford you the best privacy. You are also in luck if your home has a dedicated study room. Make sure you study there every day so that it becomes a comfortable place to work in.

    • Set a Schedule
    • Select a particular time of day and only do your homework at that time. Daytime is better than nighttime because you will be fresh and sharp to do your work.

    • Get the Paraphernalia
    • Homework can require a lot of stuff. Get all of it. Make sure you bring back the books from school that you need for that day’s homework. Make sure your pencil case is fully stocked. Make sure you have enough paper to write on and enough printer paper. Make sure your laptop is fully charged, if that is what you are using for your work.

    • Forget the world
    • This time is for homework only. Pretend nothing else exists. Twitter will be right there when you are done. The mobile phone should be switched off and the television screen should be black and blank.

    • Plan your homework
    • Plan your homework quickly and step by step in order of importance, followed by order of difficulty. Always do the work that is due to be submitted first. Follow that with the work that is the most difficult. Do your research and know what the topic is about.

  3. Do the Homework
  4. If you have done all of the above, this part should be a breeze. You have already planned ahead and know what you are going to write or do to solve a problem. The research is right there in front of you. You have just done it so it is fresh in your mind. The tough questions will not look so tough with your level of preparation. The easy questions are already easy. Do not forget to review your great work before you hand it in. Good luck.


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