How to Do Pre-Algebra Homework Without Much Effort

If you are struggling with pre-algebra homework, consider these steps to alleviate your workload.

  1. Make sure you also weigh how important each assignment is so that you can use your time accordingly. This means that if you have two assignments due the next day and only time enough to do one of them perfectly, and the other… mediocrely, see which one carries more weight toward your final grade. Does your math homework count for one percent of your total grade while your English literature essay is one third of your grade? If so, use your time on the English literature paper, and avoid dedicating your entire night to the math homework.
  2. Stay involved with your work. Stop your mind from wandering as you read over your chapters by actively taking notes, discussing what you read with others, or underlining sections. Try and relate what you are learning in one class to what you are learning in another class. You want to stay involved cognitively so ensure better comprehension. Many students have difficulty with their work because they start to drift off while they read, or they start thinking of something else while skimming the pages with their eyes, all the while never really comprehending what they read.
  3. Use free time to study. If you are on a long bus ride to school, use that free time to review your notes. If you have a free period in which to study during the day, use that to start your homework.
  4. Study with others. If you are able, form a study group or find a study buddy with whom you can work. Having someone else to do homework with gives you the opportunity to quiz each other, to compare/share your notes, and to work on any test prep.
  5. Communicate any issues you are having. If you don’t understand your homework, ask for help. Ask your family or your teacher. If you need to find a new study space, ask your parents to drive you to the local library, or to help you create a study time where everyone in the house is quiet. Maybe stay after school for an hour and get your work done, then have your family pick you up later.
  6. Give yourself rewards each time you finish a milestone. Every finished project, paper, or homework week should be met with a reward in order to keep you motivated.

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