Should Teachers Give Less Homework for Kids: Pros and Cons

Homework has formed part of the education system since time in memorial. The question arising in this generation is whether the objectives of this exercise are being met. The answer to this question can only be found in evaluating the pros and cons of giving homework to kids.


  • Life is not all academics- Those in favor of less or no work argue that life is not all about studies. The hours after school should be spent on co-curricular activities like games and arts or recreation. This is also the opportune time to bond with the family.
  • Increases crisis beyond the class- a student who did not understand a concept in class will not find it any easier at home. In fact, it will appear like the extension of a nightmare and therefore create a negative attitude towards education.
  • Families are diverse- education is supposed to offer a standardized learning environment. However, homework for kids exposes them to variations in terms of time and resources. As such, it dilutes the principle of uniformity as it is supposed to apply in education. This is discriminative and will not deliver credible results.
  • Validity and cheating- the work is not necessarily completed by the kid. This erodes the validity of this method as a way of testing whether a student understood a particular concept.


  • Enhances a sense of organization and responsibility- the kid begins to set priorities at an early age. The awareness that homework must be completed creates a sense of responsibility. This will make the student a more responsible member of the society.
  • Independence- that students are allowed to complete certain sections of academic work on their own is a test of independence. This enhanced qualities and capabilities will be required during examinations. It also strengthens personal believe in own ability to solve academic problems.
  • Parent involvement- parents have an opportunity to peruse through books and establish the progress of their children. They take first hand responsibility of their progress in school. The kind finds more centers that support his endeavor in academics and is therefore more confident in school.
  • A relaxed learning atmosphere- the kids complete their homework away from the school environment or pressure from teachers. This is a relief to them which is important for learning and better understanding of concepts. It also provides an opportunity to recall concepts and ideas discussed a while ago. This is important in ensuring that they remain in memory forever.

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