Homework Help - How to Avoid Common Distractions

Whether the student likes it or not, their homework assignments are here to stay. So the sooner an unhappy student faces up to this fact and gets on with the task the better. But of course it doesn't matter whether you are enthusiastic about your homework or find it a real chore; you will never be truly successful at your homework or certainly never be truly efficient unless you avoid common distractions. What are these distractions?

  • Other people in the room.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Radio, television and other sound generating devices.
  • Uncomfortable or inappropriate lighting and furniture.

You can make life easy for yourself by removing all restricting the common distractions. The best way to avoid having other people in the room is user room which is empty. Find a space to do your homework where you are alone.

If you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer by your side make sure they are switched off. All you need is a flashing light or a sound from your mobile and your homework activity is interrupted. This is a major cause of disruption and distraction. Either remove those devices from your homework space or certainly make sure they are turned off.

The same goes for things like radio and television. If you have to have your homework carried out in the room where these things are already placed, again make sure they are turned off. There are some students who will tell you that they can't do their homework unless their favourite music is being played. This is questionable but as soon as any sound generating device interrupts your thinking process then that becomes a common distraction.

As strange as it may seem, if you have inappropriate lighting or inappropriate furniture your mind is distracted from your homework assignment. Think about the lighting you are using and certainly think about ergonomic furniture. If you have a bad posture or are struggling to read the screen or your textbook, then this situation is a distraction and should be remedied.

The really crazy aspect to this topic is the fact that so many of the common distractions can usually be easily nullified. It doesn’t take much time or effort to get rid of them. Move rooms, switch off devices, put up a Do Not Disturb sign or get a proper chair and light. Do those things and it’s problem solved.


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