Useful Techniques on How to Do School Homework

It is as easy as 1-2-3, meaning you just need to follow these three steps:

  1. Get organized.

    This means that children need to be where they do their homework, and need to get all of the supplies they will need for their homework.

  2. Stay focused.

    This means that children have to say “no” to distractions and instead stick with their task.

  3. Get it done.

    This means children must finish their work, check it over, and put on any finishing touches, such as placing the completed homework in the homework folder, and putting that folder in their backpack so that they don’t forget it the next day.

As soon as children learn these steps, and the best way to apply them, they can begin finishing tasks independently. This means that homework will be done with more efficiency and more consistency.

Not only is it practical to teach children these skills, but teaching them will leave them feeling more confidence because of what they completed. They will also enjoy the free time that they have.

Start introducing this idea during homework sessions. If, for example, a child is completing a book report, they can use the basic 1-2-3 elemental steps to finish it:

Get organized

The student needs to figure out what book they want to write about. They need to make sure this book is approved by their teacher. They need to write down the book, check it out at the library, and write down the due date on a calendar. Help the child find the supplies that they need including a pen, note cards, the book, a report cover, and the assignment details from the teacher. Put all of these supplies in the place where they will work on the report.

Stay focused

Explain to children that they need to stick to the things that are on the list. They need to overcome impulses for distractions by looking at the list and doing things asked of them by their teachers. They can take tiny breaks every hour, but they need to stay focused in between. Explain this to them.

Get it done

Explain that they need to put their name on the report, put the cover on it; put it in their backpack, etc… they need to do all of the final touches to complete their work.


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