Do I Need School Homework: Pros and Cons

Educational value of homework is a controversial issue these days. Many people argue that it should be absolved altogether as being inefficient. Others claim that the current drop in the level of education is the direct result of children not working on their assignments with enough dedication. You should make your own decision regarding the issue of homework after considering both pros and cons of this educational tool.

Homework Pros:

  • Doing homework regularly can improve your performance in standardized tests.
  • Working on assignments allows you to practice and develop various skills.
  • Reviewing the material covered in class makes it clearer and easier to understand.
  • As there isn’t enough time during class to truly understand the material, you can do this by studying it at home.
  • Working on homework can teach you self-discipline, time management and organization. All of these skills are extremely important and will help you build a successful career in any field.
  • The time the child has to watch TV or browse the Web will be reduced by the hours spent on homework.
  • Being praised for good assignments will increase the child’s motivation to study.

Homework Cons:

  • Homework takes up a great deal of time, so children do not have an opportunity to develop their social lives. This affects their interpersonal skills and can even result in some neurotic disorders. Please note that some teachers tend to assign an almost unhealthy amount of homework. If this is the issue in your case, be sure to contact the school principal and file a complaint.
  • Being unable to understand something or solve some problem can cause a great deal of stress to a child. If the situation is severe, this can result in your children developing some health conditions.
  • Parents can do the assignments for their kids.
  • This happens rather often as many parents believe that it’s easier to do the work quickly than to actually help their children study. This approach spoils the kids and affects their emotional development. The result of such upbringing is rather sad as these children cannot effectively survive without leaning on someone who will do their job for them.
  • Many assignments are boring and mostly useless.
  • This is the most serious problem as many kids do not see the point in homework, and quite often there really isn’t any point to the assignments they are given. Being forced to do menial tasks that have no real educational value can avert children from studying altogether.
  • Working on homework keeps children from doing their chores or studying additional material that should help with their future careers.

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