How to Do My Geometry Homework Quickly: A Manual for Beginners

Geometry homework is no more difficult to complete than any other if you take a right approach.

  • Make sure you fully understand the assignment.
  • Geometry involves the use of many special terms that might be confusing. Look through your assignment once you receive it. Make sure that you understand what every word means. If you have any questions, ask them to your teacher right away.

  • Organize your workplace.
  • Doing your geometry homework on a school bus is not the best idea. You will not be able to draw a neat line there. Wait until you get to your desk at home. Get all necessary supplies beforehand. Make sure that your pencils are sharp enough and your rubber can wipe cleanly.

  • Reduce your working time gradually.
  • Note down the time when you start on the geometry homework and when you finish, to see how long it takes. Next day, set a timer for the same amount of time. Try to finish several minutes short of the signal. If you do it, next day set the timer by five minutes earlier. Do not aim at reducing by too much at a time. Rushing through your homework, you might make too many mistakes and lose more time to revision. Cut by a couple of minutes each day or two, however insignificant this difference might seem. At the end, you’ll find yourself saving more time than you thought you could.

  • Solve your tasks in the right order.
  • Geometry problems in textbooks are often sorted by complicacy – from the easiest to the most difficult. As you begin with simpler problems, you “warm up” and get the hand of applying concepts. If you get stuck with a particular question, skip it and go on. You can return to it later.

  • Ask for help where needed.
  • If you run into a question you don’t know an answer to, do not waste time pondering over it. Skip this one, and proceed on your homework. When you complete all the rest, come back and try to solve it again. Show the problem to one of your parents or siblings and ask whether they know how to solve it. A fresh pair of eyeballs might notice something you have missed.

  • Find a motivation.
  • Perhaps the most important thing for doing your homework quickly is to remember why you need it. Without a strong motivation, no other tips might yield the desired outcome. Tell yourself that if you finish quickly, you will have the whole evening ahead to have fun. A thought about your homework waiting to be completed can ruin your rest; but after you are done, you will be able to enjoy a TV series, a video game, or a chat with friends to the full.


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