Tips for the Laziest: How to Make Yourself Do Homework

After a long day at school, there is nothing quite like a lazy afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, students need to get their homework completed, and being lazy does get the work done. Students just need to learn a few useful tips so they can get their work done and still have time to relax and be lazy. Personal discipline is the key to getting homework done, but building the discipline is easier to say than do. Here are a few tips:

  • Set a regular time: In order to get your homework done regularly, you should set a scheduled time to complete your work. For most students, the best time to get homework done is right after the class is completed. If you have several classes in a row, then you should schedule your homework time when the last one is finished.
  • Put away your phone: It is a fact that students are distracted by their phones. Unless you need to use your calculator or a textbook app, you should keep your phone out of reach. Leave it in your car, put it in a separate room, or turn it off - just get it out of your line of sight. Most of the alerts you receive are not worth avoiding your homework. The alerts will stay on your phone and you can attend to them when your homework is finished.
  • Get a snack: To get your homework finished in a timely manner, you want to avoid other distractions. A growling, hungry belly can be a significant distraction. Keep your stomach full by bring a snack and water to your mind on your homework. A full water bottle is always a helpful addition to any homework session - hydration will keep the mind fresh and fully functional.
  • Reward yourself: Rewards are the best weapon against laziness. If you can reward yourself for getting your homework done, then you are more likely to continue completing your homework. Reward yourself with something you do not get very often. Maybe you set a reward schedule where you get to eat a favorite food, or you get to buy something new. It is important to understand that you are rewarding yourself by giving yourself lazy time after your homework is finished, too.

It does not take long to build habits. If you can keep up a scheduled homework time for at least 10 days, you should be able to maintain the homework-completing habit.


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