Helpful Suggestions On How To Find Homework Answers Online

In today’s technological world, the realm of education has been one of the areas that has benefitted the most. Today’s students can find homework help and homework answers with detailed directions on how to find these answers quickly and easy—all right from their own home. Here are some of the absolute best ways to find homework answers FAST.

Here’s a Great Secret (Especially for Math or other Numerical / One Answer Type Problems)

Many students do not know that with a little searching, you can find teacher’s manuals to older edition textbooks that have the same problems, with detailed solutions to all the problems in them—instead of just the even or odd ones. These are great go to manuals to practice your way through a text and then check your answers to see if you’re right. I got an A+ in calculus this way.

Use Google and Use It Smart

Google is another great way to find answers to virtually any homework problem online. Many students simply post a question on an assignment on Google these days, and teachers leap to help them solve it, just for taking the initiative to reach out. You can try Google-ing your exact questions and you’ll often be surprised to find that another student just like you has faced the same dilemma—and received a worked out answer.

Use Google Books

Likewise Google Books often has many textbooks that might have like or the same problem that you are facing and explain how to arrive at the solution in a different or better way than your book does. Or, the problem might show up with the answer worked out in this text if it doesn’t have the solution in yours, as textbook companies often share problems between editions. Google Book’s search engine operates just like Google’s – you simply plug in a problem and it will match it to every textbook that has the same problem.

The Wonders of YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful educational resources. Professors and educators love this tool because they can reach a worldwide array of students and teaching is no longer limited to just one classroom. Use the gift of YouTube to your advantage—someone at Harvard or Oxford University may have posted a video on the same exact topic in the same type of course you are having challenges with.


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