Where To Get Free Printable Homework Sheets?

There are several educational web sites that offer free printable homework sheets that range in subject areas and level of ability right through from kindergarten to pre college level.

  1. You can find most of the web sites that offer this free service through most search engines. Start be looking for ‘homework web sites’, ‘homework sheets/activities’ or look for web sites that are dedicated to particular areas of the curriculum.
  2. Most homework sheets for the younger child will focus on a practical activity and they may include several areas of the curriculum in one activity (e.g. art, math, language and communication skills).
  3. Some web sites will be dedicated to particular curriculums or examining bodies, so if you are looking for homework sheets for the older child then make sure that they enhance the student’s skills rather than confuse them.
  4. Other web sites can offer ideas on further exploration of a particular subject area or theme which means that further learning and specialization of interest is taking place. This is really great for the child or student who wants to extend their knowledge and skills.
  5. Using home work sheets is a good way of enhancing classroom learning or even using them as an extension to what has been learned in the classroom.
  6. Make sure that your printer is working. This may sound really obvious but printers have a habit of deciding they are not going to work when you really need to print something out.
  7. Many tutors will use the home work sheets (depending on copyright) as a class task or extension activity, so your tutor may be a good source to ask about free homework sheets to download.
  8. Answers. Using Printable homework sheets is a great practical idea but you may also need to know the answers. Make sure that the web site you are accessing also has the facility to check the answers or explorations that have been the focus of the sheet.
  9. Just extending the idea of printable homework sheets, many students have access to touch screen technology and many worksheets can be part of an interactive application. This is a really good way of taking homework sheets to a new level.
  10. When a student (of any age) starts producing their own take on the homework sheets, you know that they really have got the idea of enhancement of a particular topic and the need to provide leaning reinforcement.

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