Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

There has been an ongoing debate about whether or not kids are receiving enough homework. On one side there are parents and educators that feel homework is essential in kids’ learning; on the other side you have parents and educators who think homework only gets in the way of other aspects of kids’ lives – like social interaction and rest. Both sides make excellent points and the debate is likely to continue for years, without any clear winner. Despite this, here are some reasons why kids should not have homework:

It doesn’t produce positive results.

Many opponents to giving kids homework have cited that kids don’t really put in the effort to complete their assignments so that there is any real effect on their grades. Kids can easily find answers to their homework assignments by going online or copying off of one another that they aren’t reinforcing any of their lessons. Seen in this way, then, homework becomes something of a chore that doesn’t help at kids’ education whatsoever.

It gets in the way of kids’ mental rest.

It’s said that kids need to have adequate mental rest in order to do well in school, but homework is senselessly cutting in the time students have to refuel or recharge their minds. In some cases, students lose sleep trying to complete their assignments – which is clearly detrimental to learning – but even spending a few hours each night doing work might be harming the natural work-rest cycles of the brain, meaning that children arrive to class less-focused and unprepared to learn new concepts.

It affects the way kids’ interact with peers.

Social interaction is very important part to kids’ upbringing. Whether at recess or afterschool, the interactions kids have with another help build valuable social skills that can’t be taught from a book. Homework, then, gets in the way of time kids can spend building relationships with one another. And this can have serious negative effects years down the line as they prepare to leave home and enter the workforce or continue with their education.

Parents don’t like it.

While some parents may like the peace they get when their children are working on assignments, many parents feel homework is just another chore in their kids’ lives. Some parents actually dread the possibility of having to help their children complete assignments. Concepts in math, biology, chemistry or any of a number of sciences don’t tend to stick, so parents are often left in the dark when they are asked to participate in their kids’ academic lives.


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