Inspiring Ideas: How Homework Helps Students

Why homework is important for students to do or complete?

  • Homework helps the student to get a clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • Students completing homework helps them to prepare for tests and exams.
  • Essays and papers as homework assignments are a good tool for showing students different forms of writing.
  • Homework teaches the student responsibility and good work ethics.
  • Homework assignments keep the student on track with their class.
  • Sometimes homework assignments will help a student pass a class, especially if they are not doing well on tests.
  • Homework assignments are good tools for teachers to use to see how well the student is doing in their class.
  • Homework assignments also assist teachers with determining what areas of the subject matter students may need more assistance with.
  • Doing homework and completing it successfully gives students a sense of accomplishment and pride.

How homework assignments can improve a student’s grades?

  • Sometimes teachers will give students homework as extra credit to bring up their grades.
  • Homework is often used as a study tool for students to prepare for their tests and exams.
  • Homework is a good tool to be used to teach students responsibility and teach them how to prioritize tasks.
  • Homework provides students with the tools needed to get good grades in a particular class.
  • Students should be given homework on a regular basis to ensure that they are familiar with the subject.

Here are some setbacks for students concerning homework:

  • Sometimes students are given too much homework to do in one night.
  • Sometimes the teacher’s instructions are not clear enough for the student to complete the homework.
  • Sometimes students are not given enough time to complete their homework assignments.
  • At times, students are given homework assignments that are boring, not challenging enough, or lack of information to complete it.
  • Students may not have the right tools like calculators, school supplies, or computers to complete their homework.
  • Some students may need additional assistance to complete their homework.
  • The homework assigned by teachers may be too challenging for some students.
  • Basically, some students do not like to do homework at all.

Ways that teachers can make homework interesting for students:

  • Teacher can assign work that is challenging to the student.
  • Teacher can allow the students to select homework methods that are of interest to them.
  • Teachers can offer rewards to students for completing homework.
  • Teachers can make homework assignments more fun and interesting to the students.

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