Doing Homework: Finding Answers to Workbook Assignments

Workbook assignments are structured, goal-driven tasks that reinforce all of the lessons picked up in the classroom. Instructors will usually assign special problem sets (or specific problems) directly related to concepts or key terms that have recently been discussed. And while workbook assignments aren’t necessarily due the next day, students should take the time to complete as many problem sets as possible when they are assigned. When you do run into portions of the assignments you cannot solve on your own, it’s best to find answers somewhere else so you can work your way backwards to figure out how to properly solve the problems.

Check Online Forums for Correct Answers:

Online forums are a great place to find individual specific answers as well as partake in a community that reinforces lessons and core concepts in just about any subject. Simply type in your question or problem and wait a day or two to receive several responses and detailed explanations. Other users will vote on responses so you know you are getting the most accurate information out there.

Check Your School Library for Workbook Answers:

Schools and instructors will usually develop a curriculum and stick with it for a few years or until a new revised version is introduced. This means you can usually find used and completed versions of any workbook assignments that have been used at your school’s library. Be aware that these are often reference copies that can’t be checked out since libraries generally want to make these available to every student. So be sure to copy down just the answers and solution steps you need, since you won’t be able to spend too much time reviewing these copies.

Check a Teacher’s Edition for Correct Answers:

Ask your instructor for permission to review his or her teacher’s edition which will have correct solutions for every problem in your workbook. Usually, instructors are okay with this as long as you intend to use those solutions to help you learn how to appropriately solve the problems. You may want to show your instructor a list of the specific problems you need answers for, since this will help your instructor plan future lessons to reinforce what students are having problems with.

Purchase Used Workbooks:

It’s easy to find copies of used workbooks online, and this might be your best option if you expect to have to refer to the correct answers throughout the semester or year. Just be sure that the answers that are written out are correct so try solving out the problems on your own first and double check any inconsistencies between the two.


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